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BLB Brake Pads and Inserts


BLB Brake Pads & Inserts


• To compliment our calipers and levers we now have lightweight, CNC aluminium brake shoes in a range of colours to pimp your ride.
• These are beautifully packaged and displayed making them an easy sell to anyone adding a splash of colour and elegance to their build.
• Every pair of brake shoes come with a spare pair of high-performance road inserts making it a long lasting and safe buy.

• Available in: Silver, Black, Gold, Red, Blue

• Prices:
– Road CNC Brake Shoes + Spare Inserts chf  35.-
– Alloy Inserts (carded) chf 8.-

• Carbon-specific lightweight CNC aluminium brake shoes – perfect for our Notorious BLB carbon rims! Boxed with spare inserts at an unbeatable price.

• Prices:
– Carbon CNC Brake Shoes + Spare Inserts chf 47.-
– Carbon Inserts (carded) 15.-

• Our standard road brake pads provide greatbraking performance at a seriously competitive price!

• Price:
– Standard Road Pads Set (carded) 8.-

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