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BLB la piovra (lo pro X,Per donna,aero,lp pro,classic pista)

BLB is proud to offer you true workmanship & beauty with our selection of Track framesets, handbuilt in Europe with UCI compliant geometry.

Offered as a fully customizable product, the La Piovra frame can be made to any size in any colour, and we have a number of fantastic framesets that will take your ride to the next level.
Get in touch for all the details, although please note custom orders take aproximately 8 weeks to be hand made and hand painted (all done within the EU).

Columbus Thron or Cromor tubesets are available (other only for special request)

All frames come with BLB CNC’d dropouts and chain tensioners as standard.

Please contact us for available stock.

BLB La Piovra Per Donna

Finally, a hand-built quality Ladies Geometry Track Frameset that’ll keep your modesty in tact on a hot summers day.
• The Per Donna has all the same level of thought, skill and attention put in to it as all La Piovra Frames, a trueladies specific custom expereince.
• Drilled front and rear as standard, but its a La Piovra, so you can have it however you want it, if you can wait! Upgrades and special requests availible.

• Price: chf 840.-

BLB La Piovra Aero

• The all new La Piovra Aero. Beautifully finished and handbuilt in Europe using Columbus steel.
• Aggressive and fast geometry
• Aero dynamic design for speed while still keeping 700c wheels both front and rear.
• Features a hand modelled and fillet braised aero section.
• Wishbone rear bridge, CNC’d Stainless Steel drop outs with built in chain tensioners.
• Available in matt or gloss finish.
• We have some available in stock now, but these frames are custom built to bespoke order – therefore available in any size, colour or finish your customer would wish.
• Please check for stock, or customer orders will take
approximately 6-8 weeks.

• Suggested colours:
Gunmetal Grey, Gloss Black, Matt Black

Price: chf 1150.-

BLB La Piovra Lo Pro X

• The La Piovra Lo Pro X builds on the successes of the La Piovra Lo Pro, adding the Tripple Triangle that made GT famous, resulting in an even stiffer and more efficient ride.
• The Lo Pro X is both sophisticated and a little wild, its twin 700c wheels proving a little more comfort and rendering the frame suitable for ridersof all levels of experience. Should you chose to add a 650c front wheel you’ll find the Lo Pro X takes on a new lease of life, darting through traffic as if weren’t there.

• Specification:
– 1“ threaded fork
– Rounded crown fork
– Drilled front / undrilled rear
– 700c front & rear
– BLB dropouts & chain tensioners

Price: chf 950.-

BLB La Piovra Lo Pro

• Providing an aero advantage whilst maintaining a comfortable position and a classic look the La Piovra Lo Pro has been a popular choice since inception in 2009.

• Specification:
– 1“ threaded fork
– Rounded crown fork
– Drilled front / undrilled rear
– 700c front & rear
– BLB dropouts & chain tensioners

Price: chf 890.-

BLB La Piovra Classic Pista

• Built from lugged Columbus Cromor or Thron tubing, the La Piovra Classic Pista drips with class. It reminds of a by-gone era of lovingly handmade steel track frames whiring round mediterianian outdoor velodromes.

• Specification:
– 1“ threaded fork
– Flat crown fork
– Drilled front/ undrilled rear
– BLB dropouts & chain tensioners

Price: chf 890.-

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