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H Plus Soon ARCHETYPE Felge CHF 85.-


Weight: 470 grams
Material: G609 Alloy
Height: 25 mm
Width: 23 mm
Size: 700c
Joint: Welded
Machined Braking Surface
ERD: 595 mm

Archetype Rims

eine super schöne allround Felge auch für Bremsen geeignet.

Farben:Silber polished,grau,schwarz.

Preis: 85.-chf  Koplettlaufrad ab: 229.-chf

the perfect all around road rim. At 470 grams, this rim has proven to be light yet not sacrificing strength, stiffness, and stability. The well accepted 23mm wide profile mimics a tubular tire, where the advantage can be felt immediately while taking corners as the tire is no longer shaped as a light bulb, flopping over with high load. Our impeccable H Plus Son workmanship and our invisible welded rim joint comes standard with each rim.

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