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Argon 18 Electron Pro frame set 2990.-

Downlaodable tech sheet Electron Pro 2013

Recommended torque values

  • 3D system: 30-32 Nm (use Teflon plumber’s tape to prevent unwanted loosening of the 3D headtube).
  • Seatpost collar: 4 Nm (lubricate collar bolt with grease and use anti-slip carbon assembly compound on post/seat tube).
  • Seatpost saddle adjustment clamps: 5 Nm.
  • Seatpost rocker clamp: 8 Nm.
  • Other components: refer to manufacturer’s instructions.


  • Frame: 1550 g (Medium size).
  • Fork: 340 g (cut to fit Medium size frame).
  • Seat post: 270g, Argon 18 ASP-4500 carbon seat post (360mm, uncut), included.
  • Bottom bracket: English type thread or BB30
  • Headset: FSA Orbit IS-2 ( 1’’-1/8 bearings, 36o/45o),  FSA TH-885 preload expander included.
  • Forged, replaceable rear track dropouts._587145

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