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Argon electron Frameset CHF 990.-


HDS : Horizontal Dual System

The Electron features a unique frame design guided by our HDS principle, with structural properties that vary according to the different stresses the frame undergoes. Every frame tube plays a different role in the bike’s performance. The required rigidity must be correctly apportioned in the most highly-stressed parts, primarily along the lower areas, while some absorbency is needed in the upper region to ensure comfort, while reducing weight throughout.

In the Power Zone, we’ve maximized stiffness with massive, asymmetrical chainstays as well as an oversized bottom bracket shell and head tube.

In the Comfort Zone, the frame’s upper areas feature smaller, thinner tubes that absorb and dissipate vibration from the road.

Whether training or racing, HDS construction lessens fatigue thanks to the enhanced comfort while the lateral rigidity maintains maximum efficiency, transferring every last watt down to the ground.

AFS Track geometry

The call of the track is an invitation to a new experience and that’s what you can expect with AFS Track, our proven AFS geometry adapted to track riding, with performance and comfort coming together beautifully.


A shorter wheelbase, increased bottom bracket clearance and steep, aggressive head and seat tube angles mean lightning-quick steering and incredible agility. In every frame size, the wheelbase has been shortened to quicken response to rider input. You think of a move and the bike is right there with you, helping you stay on top of things at all times. AFS-Track places the bottom-bracket 2.5 cm higher than on a road bike, for increased pedal clearance, improving the Electron’s handling on the steep-banked velodromes.

Triple-butted aluminum frame

The Electron is built around an aluminum frame with triple-butted tubes in the main triangle, thicker at the ends for maximum strength and thin in the middle for minimal weight. The top and down tube shape and size have also been optimized following our exclusive HDS principle for the ideal combination of stiffness and comfort.

Attention to detail

CNC-machined rear dropouts feature stainless steel inserts for durability and a stronger bearing surface for the rear axle bolts, for slip-resistant holding power.


Recommended torque values:

  • Seatpost clamp: 6 Nm (lubricate bolt using grease).
  • Other components: consult manufacturers’ instructions.


  • Frame: 1565 g (includes medium frame, paint and clearcoat. Hardware (75g) is not included).
  • E-99 carbon fork: 630 g.
  • Bottom bracket shell with English thread.
  • FSA Orbit IS-2 (w/6.5mm Top Cover, bearing 1″ 1/8) + FSA TH-875-1 with star nut included.
  • 27.2 mm seatpost diameter
  • 31.8 mm seat collar
  • Alloy drop-out with replaceable stell inserts.

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