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Zipp ’15 404 Firecrest Bahn 28“ CHF. Satz 2550.- HR 1390.- VR 1160.- ( gibt kein %)

The 404 Firecrest® Track Tubular takes our already stiff and aero track wheel, and — well — revolutionizes it. New for 2013, our 404 track offering now features our proprietary Firecrest rim shape. That means triackies now benefit from the  superior aerodynamics, stiffness and stabilty that made the Firecrest shape a revolutionary technology out on the road.

Add 28 front/rear spokes with a two-cross rear lacing pattern and our massively stiff track hubset, and the 404 Track tubular wheelset is ready for all the sprint you’ve got.

Available with Classic White decals and silver hubs.61.311.117_0 Imageproxy.php

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