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Taking our cue from history’s most respected frame builders, we utilise the best in modern material innovations to design and produce beautifully crafted steel frames. Every single one of us loves riding, and the geometry and features of our bikes are an answer to the things that we believe take a bike from being good to being brilliant. Our dedication to making bikes that put a smile on your face, as well as showcasing our own unique design aesthetic, help us deliver bikes that provide the speed, durability, versatility and beauty that we think makes a bike special.

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SALE 15% !!!jetzt 490.-!!!!Tokyo fixed S2

Preis:580.- Farben:silber und meatlicblau Geometrie:View geometry here wow die neuen tokyo fixed frames sind wieder lieferbar und das in einer top qulitaet. Tokyo Fixed was born in Tokyo and bred in London. The hearts of our bikes are in … Continue reading